Do You Know The 3 Major Causes Of ALL Relationship Problems? Imagine KNOWING Exactly What YOU Want And BECOMING THE ONE To Attract Love, Heal, and Create The Relationship of Your Dreams…

If You’re Tired of SUFFERING in Your Relationships, Tired of Feeling Lonely and Abandoned When You’re Not in a Relationship and Thinking Nobody Will Ever Love You & Give You What You Want… If You’re Ready to Stop the Cycle of Longing for Love & Feeling Hurt and Disappointed Then This May Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read…


Dear Relationship Creator,


After you read this short message you will finally realize:


  • You are not alone
  • It is NOT your fault – stop blaming yourself
  • Love IS available for you
  • You CAN have a wonderful relationship
  • Start to heal NOW – You CAN do it



And you will start to feel better and better about yourself, your previous relationships and the fact that you are now at the perfect place and moment in time to finally create loving and lasting relationships in your life.


Dr. Erica’s Complete Relationship System is the solution to the problem you may not have even realized you had.  In the complete package you will find all the answers to your unanswered questions about finding and creating love.  You will have an opportunity, in the privacy of your own home, to delve deeply into your past and pull out the emotional weeds that have been proliferating in your emotional garden.  You will finally be able to heal, to let go of whatever has stopped you from freely loving in the past.  As you read the healing stories and complete the many exercises, you will KNOW what you want, need, desire and deserve to have in your relationships now – not just at some faraway future time.  And then, as you deeply explore your own sensual aliveness, personal passion, and sexuality you will inevitably reach a place of even deeper inner connection with your own spirit or soul.

I’m Dr. Erica Goodstone, a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert helping men and women heal their relationships through love. My path has been a long and uphill struggle to let go of my past misunderstandings and finally begin to embrace the truth about life, love and relationships.  My father taught me “Where there’s a will there’s a way” and my mother insisted “Smart women handle their men.” However, even at those times when I had the “will,” I did not know “how to handle” my relationships – with my man, with my friends or with anyone else.

So many people, especially women, believe that all they have to do is find “the right man” and they will be set for a life of love and passion and ongoing fulfillment. My story has certainly not been that way.  When I met my husband, I had been single for quite a while. He reminded me of my first boyfriend and we had an immediate deep connection. When we actually married 2 years later, we still had the attraction and physical intimacy but emotionally we were miles apart. His idea of marriage was to prove to the world that he is NOT marriage material.  My idea of marriage was to stick it out no matter what.  Neither of us approached our relationship in a way that would bring joy and harmony and loving feelings.

It has taken a long time, over two decades, for both of us to unravel and release the pain and blame and unrealistic expectations we had for our relationship and for each other. It has taken us a long time to become friends and trusted life partners. I could easily point a finger at his way of being difficult as the real problem. He could easily blame my ambition and workaholic tendencies as the reason he was so unhappy.  But the real truth is that each of us was harboring a host of unmet childhood needs. Until we truly faced our own selves, we could not possibly create loving harmony together.

YOU don’t have to spend years of struggle and emotional suffering to finally learn how to create loving relationships. My Healing Through Love Audio Series will provide you with all the questions you need to ask yourself and all the tools you require to begin to heal yourself and your relationships right now.


Here’s a quick recap of what’s included in this amazing program.

Take a look at what’s inside now.

For 4 weeks, you will receive the next audio on Monday and have the opportunity to send all your questions by email to be answered in a live Q&A Teleconference on Thursday evening at 5:30 PM ET.

Healing Your Relationship To Your Self Audio

Healing Your Relationship to Your Self Audio

Do you think the success of your relationships is caused by your choice of partners, the way the other person looks and behaves or how that person treats you?  What does Healing Your Relationship to Your Self have to do with Healing through Love – Everything.  It is impossible to love anyone else if you do not first love yourself.  You can’t accept and truly love others until you have felt and allowed your own emotions, your own hurt, resentment, disappointment, joy and anger, even rage.  You can’t forgive another until you are able to forgive yourself.
In this audio you will learn what it takes to love yourself first.
  • Discover the one true cause of all your relationship problems
  • Attract loving relationships without even trying
  • Enjoy the wonder of being alive now – no matter what is going on
  • Rediscover your own innate capacity for love and intimacy


Healing Your Relationship to Others Audio

Do you know what you want and what will truly make you happy in your relationships? Are you aware of the thoughts and attitudes, sensations and emotions that are stopping or blocking you from being and having what you want?   Believing is receiving.  Conflicting beliefs and those you don’t even know you have can and will interfere with your ability to create and sustain the love you desire.
In this audio you will learn what it takes to become receptive to giving and receiving love freely.


  • Discover the one true purpose for being in relationships
  • Learn how to love freely with no strings attached
  • Find out what men (or women) really want in a relationship
  • Rediscover your own needs, wants and preferences in relationships


Healing Your Relationship to Your Past Audio

Do you know how your past emotional wounds and prior relationships are affecting your current life situations?  Who do you need to forgive, who would you like to ask if they would forgive you?  And are you ready to forgive your own self for all the ways you fall short of your own expectations?
In this audio you will discover the magic and healing power of revisiting and letting go of the influences of your own past experiences.

  • Rekindle your passion, desires and dreams
  • Uncover and release your own internal oppressors
  • Recognize the lessons and gifts from past wounding
  • Face, release and forgive yourself and others


Healing Your Relationship to Your Future Audio

Your future lies right there out in front of you, a blank slate of time, space and energy, ready to be filled with whatever YOU create to fill that time, space and energy junction.  What do you want to see, have, do and become in your future?  The future is every single moment beyond this moment right now.  As soon as the moment is here, it is already moving into your past.  Don’t look back.  Keep your eyes, your energy, your heart and your soul focused forward.
In this audio you will learn how to use your imagination to help you create the relationships you want to have now and in your future.

  • Realize that anything you desire is possible to attain
  • Fill your senses with your future dream
  • Create new rules for living and loving
  • Know that you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination


I could easily charge $397 for Dr. Erica’s Healing Through Love Seminar Series, or $297, or even $250 but you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much.
BUY RIGHT NOW, and you will only pay ($197)! This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and many hours spent in counseling or coaching sessions.



For 4 weeks, you receive the next audio on Monday and have the opportunity to send your questions by email to be answered in a live Q&A Teleconference on Thursday evening at 5:30 PM ET.

You could pay $397, or 297, or $250

Pay $197 Now

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But Wait, There’s More!


And Receive The Following Amazing Bonuses…
I’ll also include 7 FREE BONUSES as my gift to you. I know you’ll love them.

BONUS #1 – Conflict Management

Dr. Elinor RobinIn this bonus mp3 interview, I am speaking with experienced Florida Supreme Court Divorce Mediator, Dr. Elinor Robin, about a topic many of us would prefer not to talk about, to just brush under the table and ignore. But even though we don’t want to face it, conflict and emotional upset are quite common in many of our relationships, especially in our most intimate relationships with the people we claim to love the most. Often our egos get in the way of reconciling our differences and our emotions can flare up uncontrollably. In the early stages of conflict, counseling can certainly help but if the conflict continues for a long time, the best solution may be mediation with a skilled mediator, to negotiate and resolve differences. With wit and wisdom developed over the years through her academic achievements, small business background, and extensive court system experience, Dr. Elinor Robin can assist you to handle conflict in a way that brings out the best in all. Listen to her explain what she believes creates conflict and her suggestions on how to overcome it.

BONUS #2 – Rubenfeld Synergy Body Mind Method

Ilana RubenfeldIn this very special bonus mp3 I have the privilege and honor of introducing you to my mentor and teacher, Ilana Rubenfeld, who has been called “the Grande Dame of the body-oriented therapy movement.” Creator and founder of the gentle yet powerful Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Ilana shows you how your mind and body truly work together and the memories stored in your body can and do affect your thoughts, emotions, physical symptoms and even your relationships.  Ilana Rubenfeld  is a world-renowned pioneer in integrating emotions, intuition and bodywork. Ilana directs bodymind energy as if she was conducting a symphony—and well she should. A graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, she enjoyed a successful career in music conducting until a debilitating back spasm re-orchestrated her life journey. An influential teacher, healer and inspirational workshop leader for over 45 years, in 1994, she received the “Pathfinder Award” from the Association for Humanistic Psychology and in 2002, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the U.S. Association for Body Psychotherapy. Her gentle yet powerful work has created the foundation and basis for all of my counseling, coaching, writing, my relationships and the way I live my life. Allow me to introduce my mentor and teacher, Ilana Rubenfeld. 

BONUS #3 – Sex, Lies, & Dying

Susan BakosIn this very special, one of a kind mp3 interview, I introduce you to a Grande Dames of Sexuality, Susan Crain Bakos. This amazing woman has been an outspoken champion of female (and male) sexual empowerment, a research sexologist, sex educator, magazine journalist and author of many “hot” and enticing books about sexuality. Her book titles include: The Sex Bible, The Sex Bible for Women, The Orgasm Bible, The New Tantra, The Little Book of the Big Orgasm and Best Sex Ever. She has created some unique and revolutionary techniques and tips for sexual pleasure, such as the Orgasm Loop and the Sex Wardrobe Basics. In this special bonus, in alignment with her intention to be true to her own self, Susan Crain Bakos has become an advocate for choosing her own way to live out her final days. Whether you are in your prime of life or your later years, you will feel inspired by Susan’s courage to face her life challenges and savor every moment to the end.

BONUS #4 – How to Be Happy in Love

In this bonus mp3 I am speaking with a healthy relationships colleague, Dr. Kelley Chappell. Dr. Kelley is an award winning Professor of Psychology, an international speaker, and a dating and relationship coach for women. Her mission is to inspire and empower women to love themselves, love their lives and be happy in love. Author of the book Happy in Love: A Woman’s Step by Step Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships, Dr. Kelley is also founder of The Happy in Love Club and creator of the Monthly Relationship Audio Series. She can assist you to use the Law of Attraction to find the love you truly desire.

BONUS #5 – Develop a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System)

From Heartbreak To Hearts Desire - by Dawn MaslarIn this pdf download bonus, you will receive the first two chapters of the book From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System) by award winning inspirational speaker Dawn Maslar. Combining science with spirit, she will help you discover why most women are attracted to the “wrong” men, what causes a “broken Guy Picking System,” how to repair your “GPS,” and even how to “fix him” to create your heart’s desire.

BONUS #6 – Smart Dating Advice for Women Over 40: Answers to Your Most-Asked Questions

In this bonus ebook, authors Rosalind Sedacca, CCT and Amy Sherman, LMHC provide smart, no-nonsense answers to the questions most women ask about dating, relationships and building self-confidence. These questions cover a broad range of topics — from how to enter the “meet” market to dangerous mistakes you want to avoid. The answers will help women dating in mind-life to transition from living single to living happily in a fulfilling, committed relationship. Sedacca and Sherman are co-authors of 99 Things Women Need To Know Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! They are also co-creators of the new 10-week DatingRescue eCourse for women as well as the Create Your Ideal Relationship Kit designed especially for women over forty. Their answers are backed by more than two decades of experience as a mental health counselor and a relationship and dating coach. They emphasize that women who understand their self-worth will attract partners who respect them for just that quality! This valuable ebook provides insightful, empowering, high caliber advice that will have you dating smarter and having more fun in the process!

BONUS #7 – Love Me…Please (Excerpts from 3 Chapters)

Love Me... PleaseIn this bonus pdf download, you will receive a samples from the chapters in the first book in the Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Series — Love Me … Please by Dr. Erica Goodstone. For each chapter, you will be given an exercise that will help you right here, right now, to focus on love and begin to heal your relationships.



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For 4 weeks, you receive the next audio on Monday and have the opportunity to send your questions by email to be answered in a live Q&A Teleconference on Thursday evening at 5:30 PM ET.

You could pay $397, or 297, or $250

Pay $197 Now

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Some of my Esteemed Mentors…


Dr. Erica with Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup For The Soul

Dr. Erica with Ellie Drake

Ellie Drake

Dr. Erica with Les Brown

Les Brown – Motivational Speaker

Dr. Erica with Nancy Matthews

Nancy Matthews – Womens Prosperity Network


Hear what others have to say about working
with Dr. Erica…
“HUGE Shout out to Dr. Erica Goodstone!  In one session of Synergy work, she was able to break a very deep seeded limiting belief, from the day I was given UP for adoption. I picked up the baby this time and took her home with me! No more fear. No more pain. No more resentment. NO MORE!!! I love you Dr. Erica. See you next week! ”
Kimberly West (10/07/11)
“Dr. Goodstone has contributed her time, services, and expertise on the mind-body connection to several national organizations… She is a dedicated, caring professional who is continually reading her newsletters and journals and taking refresher courses to maintain her skills and keep current in the field.  In the past few years, at those times when my life felt unbearably stressful, I would go to see Dr. Goodstone for a body psychotherapy session.  Invariably, I would leave her office feeling calmer, more centered, and more relaxed. Her clients have reported a similar sense of well-being from her sessions.”
Anita Ribeiro-Blanchard, M.S., LMHC Former Board Member, U.S. Association for Body Psychotherapy
“Dr Erica Goodstone has developed a comprehensive “Complete Relationship System” on “Healing Through Love”. It begins with an interview from David Riklan, founder of that introduces the system. Then Dr. Erica moves forward to guide through a process to heal your relationship with yourself, with others, with your past and with your future.  She provides process and structure that can be used to personalize the process for you. She brings a wealth of knowledge and information focusing on the mind, body and spirit that includes activities and questions that really do help you to get the most out of this experience.  She can help you to heal your relationship with yourself and move forward to create a wonderful, loving relationship. The audios, combined with the books and the live sessions really do make up “The Complete Relationship System”. ”
Kelley Chappell, PhD, Author of Happy in Love: A Woman's Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships
“Erica – thank you so much for your wonderful program. Erica’s program takes us on a journey to healing. In a very clear, concise and organized manner we are able to take the plunge and see the endless possibilities life has to offer -if only we are willing to do a little reflection and soul work. I love the way Erica gently intertwines and places emphasis on the important ‘mind -body-experience’ connection as she easily explains its effects on our past, our present and the potential of our future. The foundation of this work (in my opinion) lies upon many strategic and thought provoking questions that urge and impel the listener to see life in a brand new light; with the knowledge that they have the power to be better, to heal and to love.”
Deborah Angiolina, Former Attorney and Founder of The Way 2 Happiness
“Wow Dr. Erica, I didn’t try to guess the 3 causes of relationship problems. Instead, I listened to your interview with Rebecca Anne and you are the bomb! Your background is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing the three causes of relationship problems. I’m not going to give anyone the answers. They need to listen to the interview! I was surprised and amazed by the answers! I really wish I had known this before I pursued my past relationships. If I had followed these guidelines, I am sure I would have been more successful in my relationships. I loved your candid, profound, in-depth answers. Simply awesome! I am currently doing the number one answer you described in the audio. I just moved from one state to another. I’m starting all over in many ways, and after listening to the interview I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK! I can relate completely to what you talked about. This is very inspirational. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your chapter in the book, Adventures in Manifesting and I am very interested in your relationship system.”
Raena Lynn
“A session with Dr. Erica makes me feel half my age and totally comfortable in my skin.   Regardless of the pressing problems I bring to my session, I always leave feeling the weight of my world temporarily lifted from my shoulders.”
Lee Gerstad, Poet/Author/Rubenfeld Synergist, NY
“I have known Dr. Erica Goodstone for several years.  She is an excellent counselor, working with individuals and couples.  She has presented at several conferences over the last years and I was privileged to be at one of those presentations at the USABP where she presented on the body/mind relationship and its benefit in helping clients.  Her presentation was scholarly and also had a wonderful experiential component.  She has also been active in several national organizations.  She is a kind, sensitive, well trained professional with much integrity.”
Cappi Lang Comba, Ph.D., LPC, Associate Faculty, Counseling Psychology, Prescott College, AZ
“I wanted to thank you again for letting me interview you.  I got an A on the presentation.  Everybody loved knowing about you and what you do.  My teacher was very pleased because I was able to deliver it with so much enthusiasm and the main reason was because I was excited to talk about such a wonderful person and it has made an impact on my life to meet with such an intelligent and accomplished woman.  Muah!”
Lissette Nieto, Student, Miami Dade
“Your therapy sessions seem to have helped us better understand our current positions, but more importantly the path towards the preservation of our marriage.  You coached us to express our feelings, desires, likes and dislikes, and that is a great start.  You also got us started in rebuilding the relationship trust that eroded during the last several months.  It is quite clear to us that to revitalize our intimate connection with each other, we need to get re-acquainted with the “new” ourselves.  We are aware that this process will take some time and we are determined to give it a shot.  We thank you, Dr. Goodstone, for having played an important role in repairing our marriage.”
I. and R., Former Client Couple, South Florida

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll change your attitude about your relationships and finally have the tools you need to create love that I am willing to back it up with a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.



Dr. Erica

P.S. Now, I can almost hear you talking….

This is what you’ve been waiting for.





For 4 weeks, you receive the next audio on Monday and have the opportunity to send your questions by email to be answered in a live Q&A Teleconference on Thursday evening at 5:30 PM ET.

You could pay $397, or 297, or $250

Pay $197 Now

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